Sentiment Analysis - GitHub / PyPi

Provides an overall sentiment analysis result for text. Calculated using the sentiment NPM package.

Reading Level - GitHub / PyPi

Determine the reading level of text. Currently contains a choice of (up to) four apps:

  1. Reading Age - Calculated using the Automated Readability Index.
  2. SMOG Index - Calculated using the SMOG Index.
  3. CL Index - Calculated using the Coleman-Liau Index.
  4. Flesch Score - Calculated using the Flesch Reading Ease test.
Note: You need at least one sentence (ending with a full stop etc.) to see a result.

Reading Time - GitHub / PyPi

Calculates the approximate reading time of text. This is a port of the example Draftail reading time component.

Templates and Tutorials

We've created a basic plugin template to make it easier for new developers to get to grips with creating their own plugins. You can find it here on GitHub.